35m3/H Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Road Construction

1.-35Years Experience 2.-Factory 3.-Own Exporting License 4.-Quality Control 5.-Own Technology 6.-Independent intellectual property 7.-Good Service Products Name : YHZS Series Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant Products Description: YHZS20, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS720 Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant YHZS...

Product Details
Model   NO.: YHZS35Model NO.:   YHZS35
Shotcrete Type: WetShotcrete   Type: Wet
Structure: Spiral TypeStructure:   Spiral Type
Feeding Height: 1400mmFeeding   Height: 1400mm
Certification: ISO9001: 2000Certification:   ISO9001: 2000
Color: YellowColor:   Yellow
Experience: 35yearsExperience:   35years
Shape: Drum MixerShape:   Drum Mixer
Export Markets: GlobalExport   Markets: Global
Aggregate Weighing: by WeightAggregate   Weighing: by Weight
Water and Cement: Separate Accurate ScaleWater   and Cement: Separate Accurate Scale
Transport Package: ContainerTransport   Package: Container
Origin: ChinaOrigin:   China

1.-35Years Experience 2.-Factory 3.-Own Exporting License 4.-Quality Control 5.-Own Technology 6.-Independent intellectual property 7.-Good Service

Products Name : YHZS Series Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant


Products Description:

YHZS20, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS720 Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant YHZS series of mobile concrete mixing plant is a new type of trailerable mobile concrete mixing plant and is milestones of concrete batching plant, which is researched, designed and produced independently by our company using European advanced technology for reference. It is your best choice for mobile operations in various constructions such as highway, railway, architecture, municipal engineering, bridge, port and hydropower station


Its structure is unique with novelty to combine various functions of collecting, weighing, mixing and conveying into a trailer unit for excellent mobility. We have absorbed the worldwide advanced technologies on its design to ensure accurate and reliable weighing, even and effective mixing, and fast conveying. It is highly reliable with easy operation and transportation. It is capable of mixing dry hardness, half dry hardness, plastic concrete. Besides, it is simple in operation, mobile in site-transfer and excellent in reliability. May be moved anywhere on hauling, may be ready for using on settling down.

 1. Aggregate Weighing and Conveying System:

Individual aggregate weighing system.
Groove belt conveyor takes a small floor space with high efficiency.
The original return belt conveyor can totally solve the blanking problem of groove-belt conveyor.
Sand hopper exclusively uses the structure of "liner-board with vibration", not only able to make the sand down by vibration, but also will not cause the board to be shattered, significantly solving the problems of aggregate measurement inaccuracy due that sand material distribution is uneven and not smooth.

2. Compact Structures:

It is easy to move with its compact structure.

3. Powder Weighing System:

The accurate feeder screw conveyor can be used in the weighing of powder. Both screw conveyors can work simultaneously. When the feed amount is nearly target, the main screw conveyor will stop working and the small screw conveyor will continue working, achieving the goal of accurate feeding.
Screw conveyor outlet with butterfly valve can avoid the inaccuracy of weighing led by unstable blanking for inertial.
Each powder can be calculated and measured independently, which is convenient to add and remove, ensuring the accuracy of weighing.
The big end and small end joining technique is used between powder scale and screw conveyor and mixer without powder accumulation and impacts on the measurement.
The connection between powder scale and platform is non-welding and unlocking, avoiding the inaccuracy of weighing of powder made by calculation and measurement platform deformation when overfeed.
Reasonable permeability design and balance powder scale pressure effectively avoid impacts on the measurement.

4. Liquid Weighing System(Engineering Liquid Supply System):

Rough and precise calculation of liquid admixture as well as adjustment equipment such as stock bag and manual ball valve can adjust at proper time and rise the accuracy of weighing.
Upstairs water storage tank can automatically drop by gravity. Flux is more stable. Weighing is precise. Rough and precise measurement, and automatically add the lost and remove the extra, and ensure measurement accuracy.
Independent admixture scale, adding in advance and adding later are both feasible. Admixture leakage prevention device can ensure the quality and safety of the concrete.
Small-amount of admixture weighing system is available, which is designed for small-amount liquid admixture such as air-entraining agent. The smallest add amount reaches 0.4kg/cube when under the national standard error.

5. Mixing System:

The JS mixer can be applied to all kind of production process.
Twin-spiral mixer can save 15% of the mixing time and 20% of the energy.
The most smooth mixer in China.
Gate-type discharge hopper and the discharge hopper speed are controllable without spatter and draining.

6.Control System

1. The control system of double computers with double controls consists of two industrial computers, one is production control computer and the other is production management computer. 

The control system has the following functions:

A. Automatic and manual control, easy operation;

B. Dynamic display of the production process, and monitoring in real time;

C. Saving of the data of production perimeters in the computer, printing of the daily, monthly, and yearly statistic reports of production;

D. Weighing accuracy: automatic re-feeding if there is shortage of weight, warning if there is overweight;

E. The operators, with the assistance of safety monitoring system, will know and monitor the running situations of the mixing plant in the control room;

2. The management computer is a backup computer for the whole electric control system. When the control computer is out of order, the management computer can be changed into the control computer to control production.

3. Long-distance trouble shooting by internet and teleservices, which greatly improves the users ability to trouble shoot the system.

4. The control room, which is made of colorful shaped steel plates, is capacious, anti-noise and heat insulated. It guarantees the working temperature of the electrical components, also improves the working environment.

Main Structure of YHZS Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant ( YHZS Series )

YHZS series mobile concrete batching plant 

Main Technical paraments 

Power (kw)1*18.51*302*18.52*30
Output (m3)0.50.7511.5
Grain size (mm)≤60≤60≤60≤80
BatcherHopper Capacity (m3) 4 4 6 6
Hopper Quantity 4 4 4 4
Conveyor Capacity (t/h) 200 200 400 400
Weighing accuracy Aggregate (kg)1000±2%1500±2%2000±2%3000±2%
 Cement (kg)300±1%500±1% 600±1%800±1%
 Water (kg)200±1%300±1% 300±1% 400±1%
 Admixture (kg)20±1%20±1%200±1%200±1%
Trailed Speed (km/h) 15151515
Wheels Distance (mm) 2800320034003400
Turning Radius (m) 11151515
Total Weight (kg) 20000220002500032000
Power (kw) 35386090
Discharge Height (m) 
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