Working In Stone Quarry Off Road Dumping Truck

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Product Details

“SmartCreate” off-highwaydump truck is widely used in large open-pit coal mine, iron ore, copper andother mines, ports, docks, steel mills, and other large water conservancyproject. It has various advantages such as small turning radius, minimum groundclearance, large loading capacity, durable, equipped with fracture resistancetires, dedicated to earth rock sites or potholes big slope road surface, is one of the most reasonable equipment ofwater conservancy projects.

The main features:

1. Big loading capacity:

Bigloading capacity is the biggest feature of this dump truck. It adopts strongersteel spring, axles for mine dedicated, cast steel hang. The truck has morethan 1.4-fold capacity, and improve 20% ratio of working time.

2, Excellentengine power:

Thisdump truck assembles Steyr engine with big power, big gear ratio of reductiongear and driving axle. It has large drive torque, big climbing ability, issuitable to be used in off-highway transport.

3, Excellentcross-country performance:

14.00-24 tires are used, high chassis ground clearance, big approach angle anddeparture angle.

4, Reliablebraking performance:

Largediameter brake provides large brake torque, but also improves the braking heatcapacity, effectively reduce braking heat recession, guarantee the reliabilityof long slope continuous braking under overload; All round of the parking brakeand emergency braking, to ensure the reliability of the parking;

5, Convenientmaintenance,:

Spareparts cost is low, the main parts adopt corresponding system for heavy card,and are domestic famous professional manufacturers; Main parts in the autoparts market commonly can purchase, maintenance is simple and low cost;

Product Parameters:

Engine Model
Engine Power(KW/HP)247/336
Reduction GearFast 9JS135
AxleXuzhou Meichi
Wheel Base(mm)3420+1560
Wheel Tread(Front/Back)2420/2248
Max Speed(km/h)55
Max Climbing Ability(%)45
Min Turning Diameter(m)19.8
Min Ground Clearance(mm)380
Rated Loading Weight(kg)30
Total Weight(kg)50
Container Volume(m3)25
Overall Dimension(long×wide×high,mm)8515×3060×3508
Tire Model13.00-25