New Arrival 6×4 Automatic Dump Truck

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Product Details

"SmartCreat” dump truck is designed for transport earth and stone, as a kind of heavy dump truck,. Thecontainer is made by high strength steel , with firm structure, large loadability. The dump truck can be designedwith various of chassis brands at home and abroad, including SINOTUCK, FAW, Dongfeng,etc.

Product Parameters

Product Model ZC3257N3847D1
Drive Model
Wheel Basemm) 3825+1350
Overall Diemension(long×with×high, mm) 8545×2496×3280
Wheel Tread(mm) Front:2020;Back:1830/1830
Curb Weight(kg) 12440
Total Weight(kg) 25000
Rated Weight(kg) 12430
Approach Angle(o) 19
Departure Angle(o) 23
Engine Model SINOTUCK D10.34-40
Cylinder Number 6
Fuel Diesel
Cylinder Arrange Line
Displacement(L) 9.726
Max Power(hp) 340
Max Power(kw) 249
Torque(N.m) 1900
Engine Speed of Max Torque(rpm) 1200-1500
Rated Engine Speed(rpm) 1900
Container longth(mm) 5600
Container width(mm) 2300
Container highth(mm) 1100
Container Model Back_dumping
Cab Model Flat-top
Passengers 3
Reduction Gear SINOTUCK HW19710
Shift Gear Manual
Forward Gears 10
Reverse Gears 2
Tire 10
Tire Model 12.00R20
Fuel Container Material Aluminium Alloy
Fuel Container Capacity(L) 400
Back Axle Model SINOTUCK AC Axle
Allowed loading of back axle(kg) 16000T
Gear Ratio of back axle 5.45
Hang Model Steel Spring
Steel Spring Number 10/12