Automatic Compression Overflow Alarm Remote Monitoring Container

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The self-compressed garbage container is used with carriage detachable garbage truck, Usually a carriage detachable truck matchs three self-compressed garbage containers, greatly improving the efficiency of garbage disposal, transportation. The carriage adopts advanced microcomputer control system, has the memory and fault self-diagnosis function, directly observes the compressor running status, easy to find and solve the fault.

The garbage density after compression can reach 0.75 t/m3, the performance is stable.Compression chamber floor is high smoothness, the compression performance is superior.

The container is made of high quality steel plate, firm structure, unloading door adopts high-performance rubber seal, ensure the process without any leakage.

Curb Volume(m3)312121518
Compress Power(T)/≥35≥35≥35≥35
Garbage Compression Density(T/m3)/0.7-0.850.7-0.850.7-0.850.7-0.85
Dimension of Feed Window(mm)661×5261220×19001220×19001620×20001620×2000
External Power Voltage(v)/380380380380
Electro Motor Power(kw)/
Mating TruckYTQ1026D10FVDFL1160BX4DFL1160BX4DFL1250A11DFL1250A11