Professional High Altitude Operation Trucks

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Product Details

Product Characteristic:

1.High-altitude operating truck has sample structure,sturdy and durable,convenient operation.Our unique designed operation system of full circle swinging three folding arms could heol the worker stable operation in the air.The purposes are:maintaining,installing,cleaning,camera shooting, shipbuilding,chemical industry,electric power,pruning and streetlight changing the air from 8m to 24m height.

2.The cabin is good appearance and comfortable inside,could carry 3-6 persons.The dependabilitiy is better than other brand trucks,suit for use in narrow road.The upper arm,under arm,rotation and hydraulic system are unique designed,having the characteristics of energy conservation,flexible action and reliable.

3.The landing leg could adjusted to keep the whole truck smooth and steady.We set a limit valve to control the hydraulic and electric system,could protect workers when fault operation.

4.Adopt water proof switch for operational system,avoid water penetrates the switch for fear that corrosion and leak away.Choose pipe working bucket,with elegant appearance.Double operating controls between the working bucket and rotating platform,easy to operate and maintenance.Safe and reliable.

Product Model Chassis Model Chassis Manufacture Drive Model Total Weight(kg)

Curb Weigh


ZC5050JGKW16 NKR77LLEWCJAY ISUZI 4×2 5095 4770
ZC5050JGK3 EQ1050NJ20D3 DONGFENG 4×2 5375 5050
ZC5051JGKJ JX1060TSG23 ISUZI 4×2 5085 4760
ZC5072JGK3 EQ1070GJ9AD3 DONGFENG 4×2 6850 6655