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Asphalt mixing equipment maintenance tips

Jun 21, 2018

For asphalt mixing equipment, maintenance! maintenance! Maintenance work must be done in place, and important things are said three times.

Buying a device with good performance is only the first step. What's more important is the maintenance during daily operation. Doing maintenance work and standardizing operations not only can reduce equipment failure, but also can reduce unnecessary losses, greatly prolong equipment life and reduce the cost of use. Large-scale mechanical equipment such as asphalt mixing equipment is most afraid of equipment failure and affects production and supply. In the production process, some losses are inevitable. However, some failures are often caused by improper maintenance and can be avoided in the early stage. Then the question is, how should we properly and effectively maintain the equipment and do the daily equipment maintenance?

According to investigations, 60% of machinery and equipment failures are caused by poor lubrication, and 30% are due to insufficient fastening. Based on these two conditions, the daily maintenance of mechanical equipment focuses on: anti-corrosion, lubrication, adjustment, and fastening.