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Classification of concrete pump

Feb 28, 2017

1) according to its working principle can be divided into: squeeze concrete pump and hydraulic piston concrete pump.

Extruded concrete pump is mainly composed of hopper, drum pump, drive device, vacuum system and pipe. The main features are: simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance, and work smoothly. Due to the amount of transport and pumping concrete pressure is small, short distance transmission, has been rarely used.

Hydraulic piston concrete pump is mainly composed of hopper, concrete tank, distribution valve, hydraulic control system and conveying pipe. Through the hydraulic control system so that the distribution valve alternately open and close. The hydraulic cylinder is connected with the concrete cylinder, and the reciprocating motion of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder and the coordinated action of the distribution valve make the two concrete cylinders alternately complete the working process of inhalation and discharge of concrete. At present, the general use of hydraulic piston concrete pump.

2) according to its type can be divided into:

Fixed coagulation on the transport pump and vehicle-mounted concrete pump.

3) According to the theoretical delivery volume can be divided into: ultra-small (10-20m3 / h), small (30-40m3 / h), medium (50-95m3 / h), large (100-150m3 / h) (160-200m3 / h).