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Composition and classification of concrete mixing plant

Sep 11, 2019

The concrete mixing station device is a complete set of equipment for measuring cement, aggregate, water, admixture, admixture and other materials according to the concrete ratio, and then mixing into qualified concrete through a mixer. It is called concrete mixing station (floor). The concrete mixing device is mainly composed of material conveying equipment, material storage equipment, metering equipment, mixing equipment and control system. The materials include aggregates, cement, admixtures, water, admixtures, and the like.

 Classification of concrete mixing devices

 (1) Classification by mobility

 1. Mobile mixing station

 This type of mixing station usually has a walking device that can be transferred at any time and has good maneuverability. Mainly adapted to some temporary or mobile engineering projects, such as roads and bridges.

 2. Demolition mixing station

 This mixing station is assembled from several large components and can be assembled and dismantled in a short time, which can be transferred with the construction site. Mainly suitable for commercial concrete plants and large and medium-sized concrete construction projects.

3. Fixed mixing plant

 This is a large-scale concrete mixing plant with a large production capacity, mainly used in commercial concrete plants, large prefabricated components factories and hydraulic engineering sites.

 (2) Classified according to the production process

 Concrete mixing devices can be divided into two types, single-stage and double-stage, according to their process layout.

 (3) Other classification methods

 In addition to the two commonly used classification methods, the concrete mixing station device can be divided into a dry material batching station and a wet mixing station according to whether or not the stirring equipment is arranged and added with water, and is divided into continuous mixing stations according to the feed continuity of the configured stirring equipment. And a gap mixing station.

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