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concrete batch truck

Sep 08, 2017

Concrete batch truck

A concrete truck used to transport concrete for concrete; it is often called a snail car because of its shape. These cylinders are equipped with a cylindrical agitator to carry the mixed concrete. During the transport process will always keep the stirring cylinder rotation, to ensure that the concrete will not be solidified. After the concrete is transported, the inside of the agitator cylinder is usually rinsed with water to prevent the hardened concrete from occupying the space, making the volume of the agitator tube less and less.


It is composed of automobile chassis, stirring cylinder, transmission system, water supply device, full power take-up device, stirring cylinder front and rear bracket, reducer, hydraulic transmission system, inlet and outlet system, control mechanism and other components. Due to technical bottlenecks, domestic mixer tank volume 3m ³-8m ³ made of four large pieces, 8m ³ above the volume of the four large parts for the imported parts.

Mixer components: two types of chassis, transmission system, hydraulic system, rack, mixing tank, into the material device, water supply system, control system, people ladder and other parts. The front end of the mixing tank is connected to the reducer on the front of the rack, and the rear end is supported by two rollers mounted on the back of the rack.

Special organization editor

Special institutions include power take-off, mixing cylinder front and rear bracket, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing tube, control mechanism, cleaning system. Its working principle: through the power plant to remove the power of the chassis and drive the hydraulic system variable pump,

The mechanical energy into hydraulic power can be passed to the quantitative motor, the motor and then drive the reducer, driven by the reducer mixer, the concrete mixing.

Take the device

Domestic concrete mixer truck using the main vehicle engine approach. The function of the power take-off device is to remove the engine power by manipulating the force switch, and the stirring cylinder is driven by the hydraulic system. The stirring cylinder is rotated in the course of feeding and transportation to facilitate the feeding and stirring of the concrete. Reverse rotation, after the end of the work cut off with the engine power connection.

Hydraulic system

(Usually the rear full-function power take-off device), into the hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then by the motor output for the mechanical energy (speed and torque), for the stirring cylinder rotation to provide power.


The speed of the motor output in the hydraulic system is decelerated and passed to the stirring cylinder.

Control mechanism

a. Control the direction of rotation of the mixing cylinder, so that in the feed and transport process in the forward rotation, the material when the reverse rotation.

b. Control the speed of the mixing cylinder.

Mixing device

It consists mainly of mixing cylinder and its auxiliary support components. Mixing cylinder is a concrete loading container, it is made of high quality wear-resistant steel plate, in order to be able to automatically install, unloading concrete, the wall welded with a special shape of the spiral blade. The concrete moves along the helical direction of the blade during rotation and is mixed and agitated during continuous lifting and turning. During the process of feeding and transportation, the stirring cylinder is rotating, and the concrete moves inward along the blade. When the material is discharged, the stirring cylinder is reversed and the concrete is discharged out along the blade. The rotation of the stirring cylinder is ensured by the hydraulic drive. Load capacity of 3 to 6 cubic. Of the concrete mixer truck is generally used by the car engine through the power output shaft to drive the hydraulic pump, and then by the high pressure oil to promote the hydraulic motor drive mixing cylinder, loading capacity of 9 to 12 cubic meters by the vehicle-assisted diesel engine driven hydraulic pump hydraulic motor. The blade is the main part of the agitator, and damage or severe wear will cause uneven mixing of the concrete. In addition, the blade angle if the design is unreasonable, but also make the concrete segregation.

Cleaning system

The main function of the cleaning system is to clean the mixing cylinder, and sometimes for the transport of dry material mixing. The cleaning system also has a cooling effect on the hydraulic system.

Closed device

The whole closed device adopts the rotary sealing technology, which seals the inlet and outlet of the mixer, and solves the series of problems such as the evaporation of the traditional mixer, the mortar stratification, the scattering of the concrete and the safety of the concrete.

Working principle

Power from the two types of chassis power amplifier output through the drive shaft to the power transmission to the hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump can be passed through the tubing to the hydraulic motor, hydraulic motor can be converted into kinetic energy and reducer through the reducer to increase Mixing tank, by adjusting the (double acting variable) hydraulic pump servo handle angle to achieve the mixing tank is reversing and the size of the speed to achieve the concrete charge, stirring, stirring, discharging and other operations.

Variety classification

Dongfeng 150 concrete mixer, Dongfeng Tianlian concrete mixer, Dongfeng Tianliang concrete mixer, Dongfeng Dili God double bridge concrete mixer, Jiefang concrete mixer, Steyr concrete mixer, Shaanxi Automobile DeLong concrete Mixer, Auman concrete mixer, Hongyan concrete mixer, Japan Isuzu double bridge concrete mixer.

Maintenance repair

Concrete mixing truck as a transport vehicle, in the maintenance and repair must comply with the Ministry of Communications in 1990 Decree No. 13, the implementation of "regular inspection, mandatory maintenance, as appropriate repair" maintenance system. In this big premise, combined with the actual situation of concrete mixing truck, do maintenance and repair. In the daily maintenance, the concrete mixer truck in addition to the conventional car engine, chassis and other parts of the maintenance, but also must do the following maintenance work.


As the concrete will be solidified in a short time into a lump, and the steel and paint a certain degree of corrosion, so each time the use of concrete tanks, wash and adhere to the concrete tank and the inlet and outlet of the concrete is the daily maintenance must Seriously work. These include:

a. Rinse the feed port with water before each charge, so that the feed port to keep wet when filling;

b. In the filling at the same time to the car carrying the water tank filled with water;

c. Fill the feed inlet after filling, clean the remaining concrete near the feed port;

d. To the site after discharge, rinse the trough, and then to the concrete tank plus cleaning water 3

0-40 L; keep the concrete tank in the direction of the vehicle back to slow rotation;

e. The next time before loading to remember to let go of the concrete tank of sewage;

f Every day when the workers thoroughly clean the concrete tank and the inlet and outlet around to ensure that no sticky cement and concrete caking.

Above these work as long as a serious, will give the future work to bring a lot of trouble.


Concrete mixer truck after-sales maintenance

one. Reasonable determination of the protection period. The car protection cycle is the distance or time of the car protection. Owners in the practical application process, should refer to the car factory recommended protection cycle, contact the car's own skills and the use of the premise of the protection cycle to make appropriate adjustments. In general, the new car in the premise of the use of superior road conditions, without too frequent protection to the manufacturers of the rules of the protection cycle as the upper limit can be; and poor car skills, or the use of poor conditions, should be appropriate to shorten the protection cycle.

two. Enough application for free testing. The free exercise of the concrete mixer manufacturer is often beneficial to the owner, and the owner can apply these tests to carry out a specific physical examination of the car, real-time detection and removal of some potential problems, and then save the future can show the high maintenance Protection costs.

three. Do not crash the maintenance assembly. A lot of concrete mixer owners have this feeling, like a car assembly in the collapse of the maintenance after a hair can not be tidy, so that vehicles into the maintenance period prematurely. The reason for this scene is the first to touch the assembly skills and accessories quality. Therefore, it is best to prevent the crash repair assembly, the application of all kinds of advanced skills to protect equipment and tricks, the car for demolition protection to prevent the formation of the car assembly and components do not have to damage, improve the quality of protection, and then reduce the maintenance Total cost.

Drive device

The role of the drive device is to drive the concrete tank rotation, it consists of force, universal shaft, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, operating valve, hydraulic tank and cooling device. If this part of the failure to stop working, the concrete tank will not be able to turn, which will lead to the car concrete scrapped, serious even the whole tank concrete condensation in the tank, causing the concrete mixer truck scrapped. Therefore, whether the drive is reliable is the use of high attention must be the problem. In order to ensure that the drive device is sound and reliable, the following maintenance work should be done:

a. Universal turn part of the fault-prone parts, should be filled with grease on time, and often check the wear and tear, timely repair and replacement. The fleet should have a spare universal shaft assembly to ensure that in the event of a failure it can resume work in a few minutes.

b. To ensure that the hydraulic oil clean. Concrete mixer truck work environment is bad, we must prevent the sewage sludge into the hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil should be replaced periodically according to the instruction manual. Once the inspection found in the hydraulic oil mixed with water or sediment, it is necessary to immediately stop cleaning hydraulic system, replace the hydraulic oil.

c. Ensure that the hydraulic oil cooling device is effective. To regularly clean the hydraulic oil radiator, to prevent the radiator is blocked by cement, check the radiator electric fan is running to prevent the hydraulic oil temperature exceeded. Hydraulic parts as long as the hydraulic oil to ensure clean, the general failure is not much; but the manufacturer is different, the service life is not the same.


First, the basic configuration of concrete mixer

The concrete mixer is mainly composed of the base frame, the stirring cylinder, the transmission system (driving device), the hydraulic drive system, the water system, the loading and unloading material system, the discharge chute, the operating platform, the control system and the protective equipment.

Tilt angle: 15 degrees

Rotation speed (r / min): 0 ~ 14

Concrete slump (mm): 70-260

Direction of rotation: clockwise feed, counterclockwise discharge

Material: high carbon steel 5-6mm

Leaf: Double helix blade 4.5mm

Discharge capacity: cone sinking 5cm / h

Unload the remaining amount: <1% Cone sink 5cm / h

Second, the concrete mixer system description

Mixing cylinder: The type of mixer used in the form of the mixer is a more common form of the structure, the mixing tube with pear-shaped structure, the cleaning water and transportation process as needed to add the mixed water, by the mixing head into the Feed mouth into the tube.

Transmission system: The driving mode of the mixing cylinder is the engine as the power source, the power of the engine from the back of the take force, through the transmission shaft to the variable displacement piston hydraulic pump, the quantitative plunger oil motor, and then driven by the reducer Tube rotation.

Mixing tank inlet and outlet system (loading and unloading mechanism): is the auxiliary mixing device work important device.

The control system is the control part of the whole mixer, and the "I-shaped" groove is opened on the control panel, which is the active space of the joystick; and the rear half of the slot has a limit hole for fixing the position of the joystick. The control system through the car's left and right two joysticks to control the mixing cylinder is positive, reverse and speed, so as to complete the material into the material and stirring action.

Water supply system: The concrete mixer's water supply system is mainly used to clean the mixing device. The model of the water supply system, there are two types, one is the centrifugal pump water supply system; one is the pressure water tank water supply system, available for users to choose.

Third, the use of concrete mixer Note

1, the hydraulic system pressure should be in accordance with the provisions of the instructions, not free to adjust. Hydraulic oil oil and oil should meet the original requirements.

2, concrete mixer before loading, should first row of the remaining pool of water and debris. In the transport process to keep the rotation, to prevent the segregation of concrete. Before the concrete mixing truck arrives at the site and unloads, the mixer should be rotated at 14-18 rpm for 1-2 minutes at full speed and then reverse unloaded. Before reversing, the stirrer should not be stopped.

3, the ambient temperature is higher than +25 degrees Celsius, from the charge, transport, to discharge the duration of not more than 60 minutes, the ambient temperature below +25 degrees Celsius, the time should not exceed 90 minutes.

4, winter construction, should be done: before starting to check whether the ice; get off work properly removed from the mixing tank and the water supply system residual water, close the pump switch, the control handle placed in the "stop" position.

5, in the construction site after discharge, should immediately use the mixer with the hose rinse into the hopper, hopper, unloading chute, etc., to remove the sludge and concrete in the body around the body. On the way back to the mixing station, pour 150 --- 200L of water into the mixing cylinder to clean the cylinder residue and the concrete residue.

6, after the end of the work every day, the driver should be responsible for the injection of water into the mixing tube and high-speed (14-18 r / min) rotation 5-10 minutes, and then drain the water to ensure clean inside the tube. Use high-pressure water to clean the various parts of the mixing cylinder, should pay attention to avoid the instrument and joystick and other parts. The distance between the pressure water nozzle and the body paint surface shall not be less than 40 cm.

7, remove the mixing tank inside and outside the accumulation of dirt and residual concrete slag block, and in the machine into the barrel for maintenance and welding operations, the need to first turn off the car engine, so that the mixing cylinder completely stop rotation. During the work of the crew into the cylinder, it is necessary to ensure that the mixing tank is well ventilated, fresh air, no gas and harmful dust, sufficient oxygen supply (no use of pure oxygen). When operating in a cylinder with a power tool, the operator must have good insulation protection.

8, the work, not the hand into the rotating mixer, is strictly prohibited into the main discharge chute and lengthen the discharge chute connection parts, so as to avoid accidents.

9, should regularly check the mixing blade wear and timely repair and replacement.

10, implement the relevant safety practices. Concrete mixer truck driver must be professional training, no qualified certificate shall not be post operation.