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Concrete Mixer

Aug 16, 2017

JS500 concrete mixer is a double horizontal shaft forced mixer. The machine is designed with reasonable structure, strong stirring effect, good stirring quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, novel layout, high degree of automation and easy maintenance and use.

The machine can be stirred dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, mobile concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and a variety of mortar, mortar, is a high efficiency model, the application is very extensive.

The machine has a stand-alone operation and PLD series of ingredients into a simple concrete mixing plant of the dual advantages, but also for the mixing station to provide supporting host. JS500 concrete mixer for all types of large, medium and small prefabricated components plant and roads, bridges, terminals and other industrial and civil construction projects.

Technical Parameters

feed   capacity 800 L
discharge   capacity 500 L
capacity 25 m3 / h
aggregate   maximum particle size 80/60 mm
number of   mixing blades, speed 2 × 7 pcs 35 r / min
stirring motor   model, power Y180M-4 18.5 kW
winch motor   model, power YEZ132S-4 5.5 kW
pump motor   model, power 50DWB20-8A 0.75 kW
hopper lifting   speed 18 m / min
Dimensions3050 × 2300 × 2680mm
whole machine   weight 4000 kg
discharge   height 1500mm