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Concrete mixer cleaning

Aug 06, 2019

Since concrete will solidify into hard blocks in a short time and it is corrosive to steel and paint, it is necessary to clean the concrete adhered to the concrete storage tank and the inlet and outlet after each use of the concrete storage tank. Serious work. These include:

a. Rinse the feed port with water before each charge to keep the feed port moist during charging;

b. Fill the washing water tank that is included with the vehicle with water at the same time as loading;

c. Rinse the feed port after charging, and wash the residual concrete near the feed port;

d. After unloading at the construction site, rinse the discharge trough, and then add 30-40L of cleaning water to the concrete storage tank to keep the concrete storage tank rotating slowly during the return journey of the vehicle;

e. Remember to let off the sewage in the concrete storage tank before loading the next time;

f. Thoroughly clean the concrete storage tank and the inlet and outlet around the work every day to ensure that no cement and concrete agglomerates.

As long as the above work is not carried out seriously, it will bring a lot of trouble to future work.