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Concrete pump truck accessories in the normal use and maintenance, need to pay attention to the aspects

Feb 28, 2017

1, hydraulic power steering pump in the use of attention to select the correct type of help oil, otherwise it will affect the power steering pump efficiency and service life;

2, the manipulation of concrete pump steering attention to observe the power steering system is running properly, with or without impact or noise, help the oil circuit for leaks in order to detect and troubleshoot in time;

3, often check the use of auxiliary oil, the use of auxiliary oil must be kept clean. Regular replacement of the auxiliary oil, the owner of the self-filling oil must be equipped with a filter device;

4, concrete pump if a long time to stop, in the restart, do not immediately work at full capacity, at least 10 minutes of no-load operation, to be assisted oil and other oil to normal working conditions and then traffic.

5, every day before the start of the car (especially in winter), open the oil tank at the bottom of the ball valve, let go of the tank of condensate and sediment dirt, to extend the life of hydraulic oil;

6, hydraulic oil and filter requirements for each 500 hours or half a year to replace, such as the discovery of hydraulic oil emulsification, discoloration and other phenomena (with transparent plastic bottled oil observation), should be replaced immediately; replacement of hydraulic oil must also replace all concrete Pump accessories hydraulic oil filter;

7, shall not be different types of brand concrete pump parts mixed with hydraulic oil;

8, filling the minimum oil level see the boom, the bottom of the minimum fuel tank when the standard; when the ambient temperature is below 15 degrees, the concrete pump parts must be preheated hydraulic oil;

9, when the concrete pump accessories hydraulic oil temperature of 15 degrees or more, before the construction, otherwise it will damage the main pump.