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Key points of construction control of asphalt mixing station (2)

Aug 08, 2019

Oil-stone ratio control of mixture

       The best oil-stone ratio of asphalt mixture is determined by the grade of the mineral material and the content of the powder. It is the fundamental guarantee for the strength of the pavement and its performance. If the asphalt is too large or too small, it will cause different diseases on the pavement. . Therefore, strict control of the amount of asphalt is an important part of production control. When operating, try to reduce the error range of asphalt measurement, so that the asphalt measurement force is accurate. In addition, the amount of added powder is also an important factor affecting the optimum ratio of oil to stone. Therefore, the metering of the powder should be carefully controlled. According to the dust content of the fine aggregate, the opening of the wind of the induced draft fan can be reasonably adjusted to make the mixture in the mixture. The dust content is within the design range.

Vibrating screening machine

      The function of the vibrating screening machine is to re-separate the different sizes of aggregates which are mixed together after drying and drying by the drying drum, so that they can be accurately metered and graded before mixing.

       Vibrating screening machine can be divided into single-axis vibrating screen, double-axis vibrating screen and resonant screen according to its structure and working principle. Among them, the first two are widely used in agitating equipment, and although the resonance screen has high productivity, it is not used in agitating equipment because of complicated structure and inconvenient use and maintenance. According to the arrangement of the vibration mechanism, it can be divided into the upper vibration type and the lower vibration type. The lower vibration type is a relatively old form. Because of its inconvenient installation and maintenance, the looseness of the belt when driving the belt is low, and the bearing is in a high temperature environment. Damages and other shortcomings have been gradually eliminated; the upper vibration type is a new type of structure, the vibration source is placed in the upper part of the sieve body, which overcomes the shortcomings of the original vibration screen, and some directly use the vibration motor structure to be more simplified.

      Although the performance of the vibrating screening is intact, due to the presence or absence of needle-like stone in the stone material, the screen inserts and affects the normal screening work. Therefore, the on-site personnel are required to observe at any time and regularly observe The sieve is cleaned and the yard material is strictly controlled according to the standard, and the presence of the needle-shaped stone may be avoided in the near future. This can not only improve the screening efficiency, reduce the mixing rate, but also greatly improve the performance index of the finished product. In addition, it is necessary to check the tightness of the drive belt frequently, adjust the top wire, and make the elastic tight. If it is confirmed that it is not available, replace it in time. Pay attention to whether the lubricating oil level in the vibrator is suitable. If it is missing, it should be added in time and replaced regularly.

      When replacing the screen, open the front and rear doors, loosen the nut, loosen the screen bevel pressing mechanism, and remove the screen from the hook to extract it from the front door. The program, in turn, can be fitted with a screen to be replaced. Open the spring observation hole regularly, observe the working condition of the spring, and prevent the soft pull from being good. If there is any problem, repair it in time.

Compressed air supply system

       The main body of the compressed air supply system is an air compressor, which is responsible for the air supply task of the entire asphalt mixing equipment, such as the blowing of the bag filter, the cylinder gas for each door, and the like.

Seeing the ear and hearing the nose

(1) Operators should patrol frequently, carefully observe, and carefully check the parts of regular exercise. Check whether there is looseness at each joint, whether the lubrication is good, whether the action is flexible, whether there is abnormal wear, etc., and find problems in time.

(2) Mixing and standing in the movement, use the ear to listen, carefully think about it, and clarify each kind of sound. If there is an abnormal sound, find out the reason and properly handle it.

(3) Be good at distinguishing various odors. If the oil temperature is too high, the discharge temperature is over-limit, the circuit, electrical appliance is overloaded, severely heated or even short-circuited, and the overheating caused by abnormal friction will give off different odors. Some odors can also predict partial failures.

      In short, we must pay attention to the observation of color, through various sensations, with the help of different instruments, to clarify each of the abnormal changes, carefully analyze, identify the causes and identify hidden dangers. Due to the complicated structure of the mixing station and the wide variety of parts and components, it involves electricity and gas control systems, asphalt supply systems, combustion systems, metering systems, dust removal systems, etc. Therefore, in order to be an excellent operator, it is necessary to observe carefully. Diligent thinking, serious summarization, and continuous accumulation of experience.