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Environmental protection matters needing attention during the use of concrete mixing plant

Aug 26, 2019

The environmental protection situation is getting more and more serious. The economic development is also carried out at the expense of our environmental destruction. With the strictest environmental law enforcement efforts of the two associations, the environmental protection of our concrete mixing plant as a common infrastructure industry equipment is also very interesting.

1 Improvement measures for dust reduction:

Improvement measures for dust removal in fly ash, cement, mineral powder and dust in the station in concrete mixing station.

1) Material yard and aggregate conveying and backyard stocking.

2) The dust in the station is easy to install, and the dust collector must be installed. Shengtian has taken this into consideration during production.

3) Due to the semi-closed state of the backyard, the sprinkler can be installed in the upper part of the stockyard and the stockyard when the dust collector is installed. Create the purpose of water curtain dust reduction. A high-pressure sprinkler can be installed in the station, and the dust in the regular cleaning station can also serve as a greening vegetation.

2 Sewage treatment improvement measures:

Sewage is mainly divided into mixer trucks and mixers to clean sewage and natural rainwater. It can be classified and collected directly for production use and vehicle and main station cleaning and use through reasonable sewage treatment. Realize the recycling of sewage, and achieve the goal of zero discharge of wastewater from the whole station.

3 Waste treatment improvement measures:

The waste is mainly divided into the remaining waste in the tanker and the sewage treatment and sedimentation waste. These wastes can be crushed and classified, and are used as additives in the production of concrete with different specifications. It does not affect the quality of concrete, and it also realizes the problem of solid waste disposal in the whole station.

4 Noise control improvement measures:

The noise is mainly noise and vehicle noise. For the production noise, the concrete structure can be used in the whole station design, and the noise should be controlled as much as possible in the production closed workshop. For example, the air compressor can be specially built to close the air compressor room. Increase the cushion at the vibration site to reduce the noise source. For vehicle noise, natural gas vehicles can be used and the walls inside the station can be increased to reduce vehicle noise output.