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How to choose asphalt plant baghouse?

Aug 29, 2017

How to choose asphalt plant baghouse?

Asphalt mixing plant dust removal working conditions are very complex, baghouse is facing high temperature, high concentration of dust environment test, if the asphalt mixing baghouse selection is not appropriate, not only the dust can not be used normally, but also cause pollution to the environment, that asphalt mixing What is the baghouse?

Asphalt mixing baghouse must have a suitable gap, allowing the air to pass through and block the small dust into the bag inside. Fine particles of dust into the bag once inside, it can not be cleared, resulting in a significant decline in the permeability of the bag, dust resistance increases, and even bags can no longer use. This is why the baghouse fiber diameter requires a smaller, more dense bag reasons. Although the fine fiber bag made of high prices, the beginning of the use of larger filtration resistance, but in the whole period of use more stable, long service life.

The bag structure may be felt or woven, and most felt products may absorb moisture due to the capillary action between the fibers, but some special felt products such as glass fiber knitted felt can be moisture-proof to some extent. Felt fabric irregular arrangement of fibers, the gap is uniform, and in order to ensure its strength, thicker bag thickness, dust removal efficiency. In some important occasions or dust encountered in the material, especially with high surface air velocity of the dust collector bag often use felt products fiber. The woven fabric is woven by spinning. Spinning between the various patterns of the gap, the surface smooth, easy to design or can be separated or from the filter cake bag. In order to further improve the surface properties, can be sprayed with silicone resin to obtain wear-resistant surface, improve the filter cake from the bag or reduce the moisture absorption capacity of the bag. Low-melting, high adhesion of the various chemicals is best to use woven fabric bag. Because the United States tower baghouse is the first choice for asphalt mixing station dust collector. In short, in the choice of baghouse, to take into account the price, service life and the physical properties of materials. Especially when the purchase of dust can not simply consider the price, but also must consider its configuration and materials, it is recommended that the best reference to the relevant information or consult professional dust bag manufacturers.