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How to choose Dust removal equipment for Asphalt mixing plant?

Jun 02, 2017

Dust removal equipment is an important part of Asphalt mixing plant.

To use the Bag-filter dust collector, bag with high temperature bag, long service life, easy maintenance, the effect is much better than the original use of the atmosphere backflush dust removal, water curtain dust removal effect is relatively poor, but also cause secondary pollution.

Dust catcher equipment, it is to point to the dust from the flue gas separation equipment is called dust collector and dust removal equipment. Dust removal equipment is the use of downhole dust removal pipe and air pipe line, in the water with certain additives, the introduction of wind pressure, through the special equipment, complete absorption material - mixing - foam and a series of technological process, generate foam, by distributor, spray nozzle bracket component to the dust source. Bubble through good dust cover, in the role of wetting, adhesion and so on, effectively reduce the dust concentration on the surface of the mining, greatly improve the working environment of mining work face, underground work personnel's work efficiency, reduce the mining front-line workers pneumoconiosis incidence.