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How to install various parts of the concrete mixing plant?

Sep 20, 2019

The concrete mixing station can produce a large amount of concrete to meet the needs of infrastructure construction such as roads, bridges, docks, etc. Then, after purchasing the concrete mixing station, how to install it properly?

First of all, the concrete mixing station is divided into four parts: sand and gravel feeding, powder (cement, fly ash, expansion agent, etc.) feeding, water and admixture feeding, transmission mixing and storage, after the mixer control system is powered on. Enter the operation interface of the human-machine dialogue, and the system performs initialization processing, including recipe number, concrete grade, slump, production quantity, and the like. According to the weighing, the silo and the measuring bucket are detected, and the material empty or full signal is output, prompting the operator to determine whether to start the stirring control program. Start sand and stone belt motor feeding to the measuring bucket; open the butterfly valve of the fly ash and cement tank, start the screw machine motor to transport the fly ash and cement to the measuring bucket; open the control valve of the water tank and the admixture tank to make the water and the additional The agent flows into the measuring hopper. After the measurement meets the set requirements, the metering bucket door is opened, the ingredients are mixed into the activated mixer, and the mixer door is opened at the set time, and the concrete enters the mixer truck that has been picked up. The maintenance and repair work of the engineering concrete mixing plant must be carried out after the stoppage of the equipment. During the inspection, the power supply and airway must be hoisted, and the warning sign of “avoiding the closing” should be hung and guarded by a special person. The lubricating oil equipment for maintenance and repair shall be placed at the designated position, and the waste oil cotton yarn shall be stored in a centralized manner, and shall be disposed of on time, and shall not be thrown or thrown.

Secondly, how should the main components of the concrete mixing plant be installed? The specific operations are as follows:

1. Installation of finished material belt conveyor. The finished material belt conveyor is unfolded from the bend, the rear frame is placed on the foundation, the front and rear frames are connected, and the front and rear legs are connected with the conveyor. The diagonal support is connected with the lifting lugs on the frame. Then, lift the front of the conveyor, connect the front and rear legs and the diagonal braces, and finally tighten the anchor bolts of the front and rear legs.

2. Mixing the host and the powder batching system. Lift the mainframe frame and place it on the foundation to fasten its anchor bolts. The installation of the finished storage hopper of the concrete mixing station will lift the finished storage hopper, stand up the legs, and connect the walking platform and the ladder with the finished material storage hopper. Installation of the concrete batching machine, lifting the concrete batching machine on the basis, connecting the plug-in board, connecting the two sides of the heightening board to the plug-in board, and then unfolding the original aggregate conveyor, before and after The rack is connected so that the drum motor is aligned with the center of the mixer head cover and the anchor bolts are finally tightened.

3. Installation of cement storage bins for material storage equipment. The components of the cement silo are assembled one by one on the ground, the cement silo is lifted, and the lower cross-support side of the lower silo bracket is oriented toward the powder batching system, the upper and lower silos are fixed, and the anchor bolts are finally fixed. Installation of the screw conveyor of the concrete mixing station, lifting the screw conveyor, connecting the screw joint of the screw conveyor to the discharge port of the cement silo, so that the discharge port is aligned with the feed port of the powder hopper, and then the conveyor and the cement are used with the steel wire rope. The silo hooks are connected and the anchor bolts are finally fixed. The concrete mixing station lifts the water pump in a suitable position and connects the output water pipes. The air compressor is installed, and the air compressor is placed on the side of the finished hopper. The air compressor outlet is connected with the air control box inlet by the air pipe, and the air control box outlet is led to the gas pipe of the cement silo to be connected.

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