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How to use HZS120 Concrete mixing plant?

Jun 14, 2017

HZS120 concrete mixing plant is the application of domestic and foreign advanced technology and scientific research design.

it's a new type of concrete mixing plant, which uses JS2000 double horizontal shaft concrete mixer.

The host is powered by an automatic control system consisting of an industrial computer and a programmable controller.

The proportion of concrete, its productivity is 120m3/H The discharge height is 3.8m.

Such as construction, hydropower, roads, bridges, ports, airports and other large and medium-sized projects.

Concrete prefabricated and commercial concrete production plants.

The mixing station consists of gravel batching system, material conveying system, metering system, stirring device, Water supply system, additive supply system, gas system and electronic control system and other components of its work.

The process is to cement the cement in the silo, and the fly ash enters the corresponding weighing through the screw conveyor.

The sand in the gravel hopper is placed through the curved door of its bottom

With the machine on the weighing and through the horizontal belt machine, oblique belt conveyor input to the sand, stone storage hopper.

Within the water, the additive is sent to the respective weighing bucket through the pump, and the ingredients are finished.

Mix the mixer and stir the concrete through the concrete hopper directly into the concrete transport. In the car, The performance of the station is stable and reliable, and the weighing time is short and the concrete is short.

With manual and automatic operation of two ways, a high degree of automation. Can store 200 kinds of concrete.

The recipe is equipped with a printer for easy production management.