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Ready mixed concrete

Aug 21, 2017

Ready-mixed concrete

Ready-mixed concrete is composed of cement, aggregate, water and according to the need to incorporate the admixture, mineral admixture and other components according to a certain proportion of the mixing station by the measurement, mixing and sale of vehicles, Time to the site of the concrete mixture. More as a commodity for sale, it is also known as commercial concrete.


Ready-mixed concrete

Ready-mixed concrete refers to the concrete in the factory or workshop where the mixing is carried to the construction site.

Concentrated mixing of concrete is conducive to the use of advanced technology, the implementation of specialized production management. Equipment utilization is high, accurate measurement, with a good dry material into the concrete mixer fully mixed, into the concrete mixing truck, so the product quality is good, less material consumption, high efficiency, low cost, but also improve the working conditions ,reduce environmental pollution.


Ready-mixed concrete plant fixed, semi-mobile and mobile three.

Fixed pre-mixed concrete plant is large, the output per hour is generally 100 ~ 120m ³. Fixed pre-mixed concrete plant can be divided into single-stage and two-stage two types. ① typical single-stage factory is a concrete mixing plant, usually divided into five, six, the process from top to bottom. The top is the storage layer, into a variety of aggregate and cement and the existence of storage hopper. The water is piped into the tank. Under the ingredients layer, a control room and automatic batching scales, the cement, a variety of aggregates and water in proportion to weighing. And then under the mixing layer, equipped with a mixer, with a good raw material through the hopper into the mixer after mixing evenly unloaded into the hopper, into the bottom into a variety of transport vehicles; ② two-stage factory is characterized by low silo, raw materials in two times to enhance. Plant height reduction, flexible layout, can save investment.

Semi-mobile ready-mixed concrete factory generally use simple plant, production equipment can be demolished, transferred and then assembled. Hourly output is generally 60 to 80 cubic meters.

The mobile ready-mix concrete plant does not have a mixing system, and the silos, stone and cement silos, weighing and conveying systems are assembled in a steel structure. Will be equipped with a good dry material into the concrete mixing truck, into the mixing water, while walking to the construction site.

Advanced technology The application of electronic technology to automatically control the material weighing and feeding, select the appropriate mix ratio, test the water content of sand and adjust the amount of material, display silo material level, production system linkage interlock and fault alarm.