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Safety of the use of concrete transport pump trilogy

Feb 28, 2017

1. Choose a safe place to place

Do not underestimate the location of the place, many concrete pump safety accidents are due to placed in unsafe, not suitable for the location caused. Concrete pump can not be placed casually, must be placed in the open ground. To ensure that there is no other obstacles around the sky there is no wire, high voltage line of this kind of thing. If it is with the chassis of the car pump to pay attention to, and can not stop at the slope.

If the small boom pump, it is necessary to support the legs to maintain a good balance.

2. Do the operation check before construction

Be sure to develop the inspection work before the construction, the mixing device is running properly, monitor the instrument and the indicator light is normal. If there is a problem on the one hand, you should immediately stop working to check, find out where the problem is, and then solve it.

3. Control the hydraulic oil temperature

Now in the spring season, the temperature is low, the temperature of the hydraulic oil should not be less than fifteen degrees Celsius. At temperatures below this temperature, heat treatment should be done. Summer temperatures are high, when the pump to check the temperature of the hydraulic oil, when the temperature is higher than 50 degrees Celsius, then, as far as possible for the cooling treatment.