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Stabilized soil mixing station operation guide

Jul 09, 2018

First, stabilized soil mixing station should carry out all-round inspection of the equipment before each production, the alarm bell can be used for the test operation. The personnel present and the loader are in place, and the transport vehicle is in place to ensure that the equipment can work continuously and efficiently.

Second, During the work, there should be a special person to inspect whether the feeding machine, the mixer and the conveyor belt are working properly. Always check that the surface indicators of the gear unit and the motorized drum are working properly. Replace the roller that does not rotate, or the axial yaw amount is greater than 2mm.

Third, When the operator leaves the work, he should close the operation room door and window and lock the operation room door. The upper and lower channels of the cement weighing hopper are often inspected and cleaned to ensure accurate measurement of cement.

Stabilized soil mixing station operation guide.png