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The main pump of the concrete pump can not be started or can not reach the speed

Feb 28, 2017

① If the main motor can not start, you should first check whether QF1 close, if QF1 can not be closed, you should check the circuit, troubleshooting.

② If the main motor start button, the motor shell running, but can not reach the specified speed, this time should first check the power supply voltage is normal, the transformer capacity is sufficient, and then determine whether the power supply line diameter to meet the requirements to ensure that the voltage drop in the provisions Within the scope of the problem can be lifted. In addition, if the hydraulic system is not properly handled will cause difficulties in starting, so that the pump should first check the pump, and then check the mixer motor handle is in the middle of the pump button is closed. If you can not start to check the control of the main pump pressure solenoid valve is normal, should ensure that the main pump at the start of the state in the trap.