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What are the daily maintenance and maintenance of concrete mixers?

Aug 29, 2019

1. After starting the machine, always pay attention to whether the operation of the concrete mixer parts is normal. When shutting down, always check if the concrete mixer blades are bent and the screws are knocked down or loose.

2. The concrete mixer should be placed in a flat position. The front and rear axles are padded with square wood to keep the tires overhead, so as not to move around when starting.

3. The concrete mixer should be equipped with secondary leakage protection. After the power is turned on before going to work, it must be carefully inspected. It can be used after passing the empty car test.

4. The direction of rotation of the mixing drum should follow the direction indicated by the arrow. If it is not true, the motor wiring should be corrected.

5. Check whether the transmission clutch and brake are flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope is damaged, whether the track pulley is good, the surrounding is unobstructed and the lubrication of each part.

6. When the concrete is agitated or it is expected to stop for more than 1h, in addition to the remaining material, the stone and water are poured into the barrel, and the machine is turned and the mortar stuck on the barrel is washed out and completely discharged.

7. After work and when the machine is not in use, the power should be cut off and the switch box should be locked to ensure safety.

The daily maintenance of concrete mixers is divided into the following sections:

1. Maintain the body clean and remove dirt and obstacles from the body.

2. After the end of each shift, the concrete mixer should be carefully cleaned.

3. Check the oil and circuit and control equipment of each lubrication area, and fill the oil as required.

4. If you want to ensure its technical performance, you must pay attention to the need to refill in the repair and transformation, you must use high quality bearings.

5. During the operation of the concrete mixer, the noise of the motor, reducer and transmission gear should be checked at any time, and the temperature rise is too high.