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What are the types of concrete mixing plants?

Sep 07, 2019

Concrete mixing stations are divided into different types according to different methods. This paper introduces the types and differences of concrete mixing stations according to the structure division, according to the process arrangement form, according to the operation form and according to the scale.

1. According to the structure of the concrete mixing plant

It can be divided into a mobile concrete mixing station and a fixed concrete mixing station. Generally speaking, the engineering concrete mixing stations produced on the construction site are mostly mobile, while the commercial concrete mixing stations that are produced in a fixed area for a long time are fixed concrete mixing stations.

2. According to the process layout form of the concrete mixing plant

Can be divided into two types of single-stage and double-stage. In general, the production efficiency of the two-stage type is relatively low, the production speed is slow, and the single-stage type is relatively high in production efficiency and fast in production speed.

3. According to the operation form of the concrete mixing plant

Can be divided into two types of periodic and continuous. The difference between the two is that the cycle type is that the feed system and the discharge system are cyclically produced in a certain cycle, while the continuous type continuously feeds and discharges.

4. According to the scale of the concrete mixing plant

Generally divided into small concrete mixing station, large and medium concrete mixing station two categories. The difference between the two is mainly the production efficiency, production capacity and the type of concrete produced.