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what is mobile concrete batch plant

Aug 25, 2017

The mobile concrete mixing plant is a concrete production equipment that integrates the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, discharging and automatic control system of the concrete mixing plant with a concrete unit of a trailing unit; it is with all the fixed automatic mixing station The operation process, operation mode, maintenance exactly the same; at the same time with mobile and flexible, easy and easy dismantling, storage management is simple and unique features; is the public railway, bridge, port, water and other projects in the construction of the best type.

main feature

Currently mobile concrete mixing station and tractor-trailer is divided into two kinds of type, complete traction chassis containing front and rear axle; trailer chassis only the rear axle, the front end of the tractor is placed in the saddle bridge.

Mobile mixing station

Mobile mixing station

1, removable fast, easy to move

Transition: In addition to the screw conveyor, cement warehouse, the entire mixing station can be dragged down the front of the move; the other, such as walking Taiwan, plus plate down, all the control cable without dismantling. The removed accessories can be taken away with the station.

Xinjian special mobile mixing station equipped with tires, traction pins, traffic signal devices, brake systems, trailers drag the maximum speed of up to 50 km / h.

Installation: to be flat hardened ground can be; disassembly to be 30 tons of crane with.

When storing: If the equipment is temporarily unavailable, keep the transshipment transport state

2, other performance and mode of operation, the principle with the fixed standard mixing station (see HZS concrete mixing plant)

3, mobile mixing station All parts of the transport unit dimensions are smaller than the container empty size requirements, the whole station transport to be three 40-foot container.


1. Host chassis: cantilevered stirring host chassis, the chassis contains a trailer truck trailer pin, parking legs; installed on the chassis mixer, cement and water admixture of the measurement said; attached to the patrol station, railings, etc. The

2. Control room: the control room in the bottom of the host chassis, built-in mixing station automatic control system, the control system and fixed mixing station the same, the working state when the control room as the whole station before the support point, transfer control room Stored in the bracket within the air; all of its control lines without demolition.

3. Aggregate Ingredient Metering: This system is located in the back of the station, the upper part of the aggregate (sand, stone) storage hopper, storage hopper can be divided into 2 or 4 cells, and set up high plate to increase the storage capacity, Pneumatic in turn open the door operation, aggregate measurement for a variety of materials accumulated measurement. The bottom is equipped with a walking leg and a working leg.

4. Belt Conveyor Rack: The rack is a truss structure that connects the host chassis and the aggregate dosing frame, and the belt rack is built. The main frame, the belt frame and the batching frame are combined to form the main structure of the whole moving mixing station

5. Peripheral components: for the cement warehouse and screw conveyor, peripheral components, whether work or transport are the whole parts, no dismantling can be the overall transport, disassembly.

6. Mixing host: JS-type forced mixer, can be quickly and evenly complete the mixing of dry and dry concrete.