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​What is the difference between full automatic, semi-automatic, manual operation system

Apr 28, 2018

Now whether it is engineering mixing station, small mixing station, simple mixing station or business mixed station operation are centralized control system, the difference is that some of the mixing station operating system is full automatic, some semi-automatic, some manual, then what is the difference between them?

First of all, the full automatic control system, that is, aggregate ingredients, weighing, conveying, stirring unloading all automatic operation, do not need manual intervention, only in the beginning of the start to hit the material point "Start button" can be; Mixing station automatic system operation simple, high degree of automation, can integrate monitoring and remote operation, although upfront investment cost is higher, But save manpower, is the preferred operating system for large and medium-sized projects such as Road and bridge.

Second, the semi-automatic operating system, semi-automatic system is generally used in engineering mixing station, the use of less components, control system operation can have manual intervention, control of concrete ratio, failure to intervene in the interruption of operation, input cost moderate, flexible operation, well received by the project, township small mixing station can also choose to use.

Finally, manual operation, mixing station manual operating system is generally used in the electronic control cabinet operation, low input cost, the output of concrete and the operator's operational proficiency is closely related to the advantages of the equipment covers a small area, flexible equipment and easy to remove, the disadvantage is higher labor costs.