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What is the power of the concrete pump?

Feb 28, 2017

The choice of concrete pump is mainly based on the pumping distance, displacement and power required by our project to select the pump which is suitable for our engineering. Today, we will discuss the power of the concrete pump to discuss the concrete conveying Pump.

(Diesel), 132 kilowatts, 162 kilowatts (diesel), 45 kilowatts, 50 kilowatts, 10 kilowatts, 174 kilowatts (diesel).

Choose the number of motor concrete pump, first of all to consider the transformer capacity, followed by the distance from the concrete pump pump and the size of the diameter, in order to avoid excessive pressure drop caused by increased current or trip shutdown, excessive power caused by increased costs and inconvenience. The motor is too small, but also can not meet the engineering needs.