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What stable soil mixer

Sep 24, 2019

Stabilized soil mixer is a complete set of special equipment for continuous mixing of pavement base materials. It is suitable for the construction of basic materials such as ordinary highways, high-grade highways, highways and urban roads, sports fields and airports.

The device adopts modular design, beautiful appearance and compact structure. It can be combined in any arrangement. The main machine is a double-shaft continuous mixer. The mixing is uniform and rapid, the mixing effect is good, and the batching is continuous belt weighing regulation. The feeding material is stable, the work is reliable, and the adjustment is convenient. The electrical system has various control means, which can ensure continuous production of a variety of base layer stabilizing materials with uniform mixing and accurate ratio.

The finished product is generally cementitious gravel stabilized soil, lime-ash gravel stabilized soil, compressible concrete and other base materials.