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2016 China Skills Competition - The 8th National Transportation Industry Road Construction Machinery Operator Professional Skills Competition National Finals

May 05, 2017

October 29, the eighth national transportation industry road construction machinery operators vocational skills competition national finals a successful ending. From the 26 provinces and cities of the 90 players, in just two days time for a veritable peak contest. In the end, from Xianning City, Hubei Province Xianan District Tianli Road and Bridge Highway Company Chen Zeyu won the first prize of the loader project, Shashi District, Hubei Province Highway Bureau Hengtong Road and Bridge Company Hu Desheng won the first prize of excavator project. Ministry of Transport Chief Engineer Zhou Wei, China Seamen Construction Union National Committee member of the party group Zhang Jingyi, Human Resources and Social Security Department of Occupational Capacity Building Division Occupational skills Qualification researcher Liu Xinchang, Ministry of Transportation Highway Bureau Deputy Director Wang Tai, Ministry of Transport Director of the Vocational Qualification Center Shen Shaojun, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Communications Newspaper, President Cai Yuhe, Deputy Director of the Vocational Qualification Center of the Ministry of Transport Zhu Chuansheng, Chief Engineer of Guangxi Transportation Department Wang Jieyun, Deputy Director of Guangxi Human Resources and Social Security Department Huang Zhiyu, Guangxi Liugong Group Co., Ltd. Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman of the Board of Directors Guanggang, the provincial traffic bureau, highway bureau, vocational qualification center, road maintenance group of the relevant leadership, as well as referees, provincial leaders, contestants attended the closing ceremony. Zhu Chuansheng pointed out in the report that the competition organization and order, process norms, assessment of science, fair selection, referee, with good professionalism and rich experience in the ruling, strict rules, objective and impartial, serious judgments, to ensure the final stage of the game fair Fair and successful. Technical specifications, the competition to further improve the rules of the game, an increase of technical difficulty, adding the game's ornamental, fully embodies the "heritage craftsmen spirit, selection of industry talent, temper technical skills, show industry style" vocational skills contest original intention The Zeng Guangan said that the race used by the Liugong CLG856H loader, CLG920E excavator represents the highest level of China's machinery and equipment manufacturing. I believe that the players through the competition can be more deeply feel the resistance of Liu Gong product design and security. With the continuous development of China's transport industry, Liu workers for the construction industry, a member of national industry, will always be committed to creating a higher performance, and to meet customer demand for products for the development of China's transport industry to contribute their own strength. Zhang Hongchun pointed out that the competition for the country a class of competition, competition program to "road construction machinery operator national professional standards" as the basis, combined with the development needs of the industry and the current work of the actual increase of new technologies, new knowledge and other content, Practicality and advanced nature. In general, some excellent players for the equipment driving, the operation of the device operation, control of the rhythm of the control well, made a high score; also some players due to training intensity, psychological quality and spot experience, high specifications, high Difficulty of the challenge of the contest did not reach the best condition, did not show the level. He said that the players who wish to participate in this competition to the competition as an opportunity to compete as the starting point in the work to continue to temper their skills, and constantly improve their professional theoretical level and skill level, to promote the transport industry Development to make greater contributions.

Personal third prize: 

Loader: Changsha City, Hunan Province Ningxiang County Highway Administration Service Center Huang Xinlin, Chongqing Municipal Highway Bureau Wang Honggang, Shaanxi Province, Hanzhong Highway Administration Bureau of the company Ding Hongji, Inner Mongolia high road company Tongliao unit Sun Chao, Chongqing Highway Pan Respectfully

Excavator: Chengdu Huachuan Highway Construction Group Co., Ltd. Yan Qihong, Yichang City, Hubei Province has been leading the District Highway Bureau Liu Wei, Gansu Wuwei Highway Management Bureau Tian Bao, Mianyang Road and Bridge Construction Co., Ltd. Hu Wei, Guizhou Province Highway Group Company Wang Jinghai, Yang County Highway Authority Cao Shiliang

Personal second prize: 

Loader: Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province Road and Bridge Engineering Corporation Song Shuai, Ningxia Highway Administration Shizuishan Branch Li Zhanguo, Dehong Highway Bureau Zheng Jibei, Xianning City, Hubei Province Xianan Tianli Road and Bridge Highway Company Hu

Excavator: Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Highway Yang Wenjun, Lianyungang Ganyu Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd. Liu Erwei, Guizhou Province Highway Group Company Chen Sheng

Group Award (second ~ tenth) Award: 

Chongqing Municipal Transportation Commission, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation, Sichuan Provincial Transportation Department, Yunnan Provincial Transportation Department, Guizhou Provincial Department of Transportation, Hunan Provincial Transportation Department, Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Transportation Department, Zhejiang Province Transportation hall

Individual first prize winners:

Loader: Xianning City, Hubei Province Xianan Tianli Road and Bridge Highway Company Chen Zeyu

Excavator: Shashi District of Hubei Province Highway Bureau Hengtong Road and Bridge Company Hu Deshun

Zhou Wei said that the road is the key infrastructure of national economic development and major livelihood projects, is one of the backbone of the integrated transport system, in China's economic and social development has a crucial role. The construction of road infrastructure will continue to play an important role in the process of transport and transport as a pioneer in economic and social development, and road construction operators will continue to play an important role in this process.

He pointed out that this competition uphold the concept of "safe and high quality, and join hands in athletics", creating a good atmosphere of "glorious labor, precious skills and greatness", laying a solid foundation for enhancing the service capability of the transportation industry and displaying the image of the industry. Promote the construction of transportation personnel, improve the professional quality of employees play an important role. In the future, we should continue to carry out multi-level vocational skills competitions in the transportation industry, strengthen the construction of skilled personnel, and speed up the training to create a sufficient number of people in the transportation industry, Reasonable structure, good quality, skilled skills talent army.

October 29 afternoon, 2016 China Skills Competition and the eighth national transportation industry road construction machinery operator vocational skills competition National Finals successful ending. The professional skills competition fully demonstrated the responsibility of the road construction practitioners and play, but also will encourage the majority of road construction machinery operators to carry forward the spirit of transport workers, diligent knowledge, hard training skills, and constantly improve themselves, comprehensive development, Skills to become the only way to better contribute to the vigorous development of China's transportation industry.