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Construction Trends In 2018

Aug 16, 2018

Builders and contractors want to keep up with the latest construction industry trends so that they can stay ahead of the competition. Here are a few trends that could affect how you conduct business in 2018.

Green Design

Every construction project is expected to increase their participation through green design, sustainable products and aiming towards the LEED certification. This trend, which started some years ago, will continue to rise and every year must be more important to builders and contractors. 

Modular Buildings

Modular Homes offer the advantages of being developed off-site reducing the impact to the original landscape, being more efficient, reducing the risk of incidents and providing a faster way of developing residential areas. Modular construction offers you the ability to start working off-site while all the permits are being secured and under a controlled scenario. 

Labor and Government Implications

Skilled labor shortages have been quite a problem recently with the amount of construction going on. Builders need to focus on developing existing talent, equip them with the right knowledge and tools to succeed. Training and development must be part of every construction company, and careful planning is another important thing to do.

Design-Build and Collaboration

With schedules being so tight, builders and contractors are always looking to cut down time and propose aggressive schedules that are sometimes not realistic. However, 2018 might be a great year for you to embrace the design-build process or use IPD as tools that will solve your schedule delays and help you plan better.