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China-africa Cooperation Aims To Teach People How To Fish

Aug 27, 2018

The upcoming China-Africa Cooperation Forum, which is 18 years old, has become the best platform for practicing the “Community of Human Destiny” and has created a model of South-South cooperation.

China and Africa should still deepen mutual understanding

"In some countries in Africa, infrastructure construction is still relatively backward. The level of interconnection between countries and countries needs to be improved. There are still many western African countries that believe that the "Belt and Road" has nothing to do with them. Therefore, we must strengthen publicity in West Africa. In this sense, in order to let African friends understand the nature of “the Belt and Road”and its role in promoting Africa’s development.

Exploring the new path of China-Africa cooperation development

"In the two areas of infrastructure interconnection and international capacity cooperation, China and Africa have great potential and prospects for cooperation." Jin Xin said that in the case of Ethiopia, China-Egypt cooperation has become a model for China-Africa cooperation. However, Ethiopia is not satisfied with simple development projects and receiving assistance. Instead, it hopes that China will “teach people to fish”.

The "three transformations" of China-Africa cooperation: First, the core driving force on China-Africa cooperation is shifting from relying mainly on infrastructure to investment and financing; second, it is transforming from a single field to diversification; and third, it is a transition from relying solely on China's economic aid to learning from each other on the methods and models of governance in China and Africa.