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Detection Of Various Parts Of Hydraulic System Of Concrete Pump

Feb 28, 2017

1. Check whether the hydraulic line is leaking and oily

If the oil leakage, oil leakage to be tightened, if tightened after the oil, oil leakage should replace the relevant components, concrete mixing pump to check the hydraulic system, especially high-pressure pipe part of the bolts, nuts are loose, if loose immediately tighten.

2. Inspection of hydraulic oil

A. In the normal hydraulic oil temperature of 40-75 degrees, the need to check the hydraulic tank thermometer, when the ambient temperature of 30 degrees or less, well ventilated, if open the radiator, the oil temperature is still more than 70 degrees, the hydraulic system failure , Should first stir the pump hydraulic system overheating fault and then continue to work.

B. At the initial refueling, the oil level of the hydraulic tank level gauge should be checked and the oil level should be replenished at low oil level.

3. observe the color of hydraulic oil to determine whether the deterioration of hydraulic oil, opaque or discoloration should be timely replacement of hydraulic oil.