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​Do You Know The Importance Of Belt Adjustment

Apr 28, 2018


The belt conveyor as a continuous bulk material transport machinery, in the mixing plant, crushing and screening equipment has been widely used, conveyor in the transport process, due to a variety of reasons will often appear tape deviation phenomenon, which will not only cause leakage, equipment, abnormal wear and tear, reduce productivity, And it will affect the normal operation of the whole equipment.

Therefore, it is a very important work to correctly judge the reasons of the tape running deviation and eliminate it in time. The root cause of conveyor belt deviation is: The force of the adhesive tape in the belt width direction is not zero or perpendicular to the belt width direction of tensile stress uneven and caused. As a result of a lot of factors causing the belt deviation, it should be from the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, use and maintenance of the belt to solve the phenomenon of deviation, so that the conveyor can smoothly for the production service.