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DTI-CIAP Establishes The National Construction Human Resource Development Committee

Oct 09, 2018

Golden Age of Infrastructure

 The field of infrastructure continues to play a vital role in national growth and development, as the country moves forward with the Philippine Development Plan (2017-2020) with the end goal of AmBisyon 2040. The Golden Age of Infrastructure is one of the current administration's banner programs for a more advanced Philippines. According to the World Economic Forum Competitiveness Ranking, the Philippines lags behind ASEAN countries when it comes to infrastructure, to curb this issue the government, for the first time in 30 years, is allocating more than 5% of the GDP threshold for infrastructure spending. 

 Global Competitiveness and Mobility 

 The government is also considering the trend of globalization and a freer global movement when it comes to infrastructure. The 2020 ASEAN offers risks and opportunities inherent in integration. Aside from ASEAN, the country is also looking at a more inclusive partnership with East Asian countries when it comes to infrastructure.

National Construction Human Resource Development Committee

 The formation of a national construction HR development advisory and coordinating body strives to initiate involvement of construction industry stakeholders in program development, policy formulation and decision-making. Through this, it can be guaranteed that every human resource activity is aligned and integrated to the emerging needs and priorities of the industry.