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How To Manage A Concrete Mixing Plant

Apr 24, 2018

Nowadays a concrete mixing plant plays a important role in construction. How to manage it? What are the basic elements to be aware of?

#1 Equipment

The reason of equipment management, we all know that concrete materials by cement, gravel, admixtures, water, pulverized coal, etc. in a certain proportion of mixing. These raw materials are relatively hard, long-term operation of equipment, will produce wear and tear, therefore need for regular maintenance of equipment.

#2 Driver management

The reason for driver management is that some mixing stations have their own mixing fleets and equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to manage and track the driver's transportation work daily. To ensure that the driver in transit in strict accordance with the needs of the construction side, on time to transport concrete materials to the construction site.

#3 Production scheduling

The production department issued production plan, the need to coordinate the laboratory, as soon as possible to develop a mix, at the same time, with the dispatch center to coordinate the arrangement of vehicle loading, transportation materials, unloading and other things. 

#4 Internal process management

From the production department to get the order, to make production plan, out of proportion, the production of concrete, according to the flow of vehicle scheduling, such as the whole process to smooth, to avoid due to process problems, resulting in delays in project duration.

#5 Risk prevention

Such as the proportion of quality prevention, concrete transport prevention, traffic accident prevention, financial risk prevention.

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