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How To Operate Concrete Mixing Station Correctly In Summer?

Jun 13, 2018


How to accurately use the concrete mixing station construction should first understand the characteristics of concrete. After the concrete is poured, the internal temperature rises sharply because of the hydration heat effect of cement, but the surface temperature of concrete decreases with the increasing temperature of the age. Considerable tensile stress will occur under certain binding conditions. How to reduce the thermal effect of cement hydration and reduce the tensile stress is also a matter we need to pay attention to in the construction process. Because the concrete is exposed to the air or water for a long time, it is easy to attack the tensile stress, so it is a useful method to reduce the tensile stress for the concrete protection. In summer, the temperature difference between day and night is very large. When the sun is directly shooting at noon, the outdoor surface temperature can reach 50~60 degrees, and the nighttime temperature is 20~30 degrees. After pouring concrete, the temperature of cement hydration heat propulsion concrete rises sharply, and the temperature inside the concrete can reach above 60 degrees, or even higher. As a result, concrete drying in summer can cause surface shrinkage cracks because of high temperature. With the change of climate and the decreasing temperature, the heat in the concrete is not easy to send out, which makes the temperature gradient of the concrete inside and outside is large, and the concrete is easy to crack.

So the problem is, how to operate concrete mixing station correctly in summer?


After the completion of concrete construction, we should seize the time to enter the protection period, and according to the characteristics of high temperature in the summer, the film should be covered with full cover, and the water is kept on the surface to keep the surface temperature and water.


Using protective fluid protection, arrange the construction time points, try to avoid the peak period of ground temperature, and use interlaced construction, such as morning and evening construction.


In the process of producing concrete mixing station, it is necessary to think about the influence of temperature on concrete first, reduce the temperature of concrete mix in the process of mixing and appropriately reduce the amount of cement, in order to reduce the heat of cement hydration attack.


Ensure that the equipment is clean, the equipment must be cleaned before and after use, and the equipment should be arranged at any time to ensure cleanliness and reduce corrosion. If the waste is not disposed in time, the residual liquid will be transformed and the temperature will increase. This will affect the operation of the equipment and further affect the quality of the product.


Check the oil, circuit and control elements of the smooth parts to ensure that the oil mist in the gas path system has enough oil and fill the smooth oil as required. Check each moving part and smoothness in each class.


When carrying out regular equipment inspections and finding abnormal situations, the power supply should be cut off immediately, so as to prevent the blender from taking "disease". The damaged parts can be viewed regularly and replaced in time to prevent hidden troubles.