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In Addition To The Hydraulic Pipe And Hydraulic Oil Inspection, The Hydraulic System Inspection Provisions There Are Several Points Are As Follows:

Feb 28, 2017

A, the hydraulic control part of the movement should be flexible, the connection should be reliable.

B, hydraulic cylinder piston work should be strong, regulating valve, relief valve work should be effective. Concrete mixing pump hydraulic system valve group work should be sensitive, should not have a median. The working pressure of the system should meet the requirements of the manual.

C, heat pump work should be effective, the oil temperature should not exceed 80 ℃, pipeline connection should be reliable, should not have corrosion, deformation, aging, damage, oil leakage.

D, hydraulic oil model, oil, oil and use should be consistent with the relevant provisions.

E, the main pump working capacity should reach the rated value, the operation should be smooth, there should be no leakage.

Speaking of concrete pump maintenance, which is an important part of its hydraulic system maintenance. The above for the hydraulic system, hydraulic oil and hydraulic lines for a comprehensive inspection method overview, hoping to help the majority of users.