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Introduction Of Mixing And Trailing Pump

Feb 28, 2017

Arrange pipes

The piping for the piping should be carried out in accordance with the equipment operating manual and the favorable conditions of the site. , To minimize the bend, with the shortest distance and the principle of the minimum elbow to lay. Must ensure that the pipe joints at the pipe card is firm, good sealing, do not leak pulp, the level of the pipeline should be set up support points, the vertical upward pipe should be fixed fixed point, so as not to stir the pump in the pump when the concrete shaking, loose Happening.

Test machine

Test machine (inspection) is an important project of each construction, do not think it is very complicated, check the pump a variety of situations conducive to the construction, the pump can avoid some failures, you can find hidden problems in advance. Empty the pump and pump the water or pump the mortar so that the dual purpose of checking with the wetted pipe.

Forklift feed

Will be sand, stone, cement and other requirements by the proportion of national standards with the general situation is a forklift stone, a forklift sand, two packs of cement (cement by the artificial or the machine itself to complete the cement hanger) Handle the concrete into the hopper.

Mix the mixer

Remote control hopper to the concrete into the mixer, the mixer automatically stir and add water (can be adjusted in advance to add water to the timer, according to the situation of concrete into the modified adjustment, the general situation, the pump in the factory, the three ministries have been Adjust the general value of the general), the first concrete mixing, mixing the concrete evenly, good quality.