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Mixing Transport One Machine Pumping Three Major Considerations

Feb 28, 2017

1, the pump can be pumpable

During pumping, the pumping concrete should meet the pumpability requirements of the concrete and, if necessary, determine the mix ratio of the pumped concrete by pumping the trial.

2, cloth rules

In the pumping process, the mixing conveyor should be pumped before the start of the amount of water in the wet concrete pump hopper, concrete tank and pipe and other direct contact with the concrete parts, and then use the following three methods of one of them Lubricate the above parts: ① pump the slurry ② pump 1: 2 cement mortar ③ pumped in addition to coarse aggregate other ingredients with the ratio of cement mortar.

3, pumping the state

At the beginning of the pump, the pump should be in a slow, uniform running state, and then gradually accelerated. At the same time observe the pressure of concrete pump and the work of the system, and other systems work properly at this time can be the normal speed of pumping. Also in the pump as far as possible continuous, so that the concrete cylinder piston to maintain the maximum stroke operation, in order to play the maximum performance of concrete pump, the concrete cylinder in the direction of the uniform wear and tear.