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Road Construction Machinery Industry Olympic Games Will Be Staged

May 05, 2017

October, a harvest with precipitation season. In the north to accept the cold "baptism" at the same time, Guangxi Liuzhou is "in full swing." In this piece of beautiful land, was known as the road construction machinery industry, "the Olympic Games" is slowly kicked off, and offer a fantastic technology contest, the players will also take this platform to achieve their own beautiful life dream.

Recently, by the Ministry of Transport, Human Resources and Social Security, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the Ministry of Transport Vocational Qualification Center, China Communications Newspaper, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Transportation Department, Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. co-organized 2016 China Skills Competition and the eighth national transportation industry road construction machinery operator vocational skills contest is about to start.

It is reported that the contest is divided into preliminaries and the National Finals two stages, the race from late July until late October, covering the excavator, loader two types of work, the use of theoretical knowledge and skills assessment combined The way. Liugong CLG856H loader, CLG920E excavator come to the fore, as the designated designated special products.

In addition, the competition for the Chinese transport industry with more than three years engaged in highway construction and conservation experience, no safety penalties for bad record practitioners. This is enough to see that this skill contest on the quality of the players, the technology put forward a high level of requirements.

October 23, 24, the national competition of the players, team leader, and the referee arrived in Liuzhou, officially opened the event "journey".

It is reported that 24 days all day, the organizing committee also organized the referee, Liugong assistant referee meeting and training, including on-site training and theoretical training in two parts. As the excavator project referee, Jiangsu Provincial Communications Technician College Director Zhang Hongchun told the author, the referee meeting and training of great significance to the referee in the interpretation of the competition program at the same time, in fact, in order to better achieve the fair Fair and open principle.

In the understanding of the competition program, they will enter the players on the machine operation stage, prompting these technical experts can be more familiar with the competition equipment and venues to ensure the normal level of skills to play.

It is understood that from the 26 provinces and cities nearly 100 players in 25,26 two days in batches on the machine operation. In the Liu factory area, you can clearly see the loader, excavator for the two players familiar with the use. A white Liugong helmet, a blue T-shirt, has become the standard players of the participating clothing. In the hot sun, these technologies "powerful" flexible command of the "big guy", as if has become one.

From the Qinghai Province players Zhang master said that as the daily work has been in the use of Liugong equipment, so the familiarity of the equipment, their feeling is still better. Talking about the final, shy, he told the author, the number of heart or some nervous, only pray that they can play in the game the normal level.

However, the other side is dressed in red referee of the referee, conscientiously observe, guide the players of every detail. "In fact, a good skill contest is a manifestation of the great 'artisan spirit', the players will be on the game part of every detail 'more true', plus" On their own high level of skill, they are worthy of respect and admiration.

In addition, the team leader around the team seems to be nervous and not under the players, the heart silently for their own technology, "athletes" refueling, gas. From the Fujian Provincial Highway Bureau of Trade Unions Chairman Liu Houming told the author, Fujian Province attaches great importance to the contest, and in the previous selection of preliminaries. In the final, there will be four comrades participating in the loader, excavator two games, but also hope that they can achieve excellent results in the final.