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The Most Practical Use Of Small Concrete Pump

Feb 28, 2017

First, do not easily contract the size of the aggregate is too large (conventional transport 2-4 cm stone), so as to avoid pump tubing; once the plug, you may have to toss for most of the day.

Third, the brakes must air brake, the best with water, a long time downhill brake, the brake is easy to soft, even the car with people down the cliff accident, mostly caused by the oil brake.

Fourth, small concrete pump If you often run the mountain, the wheelbase can not be too long, otherwise the curve is very strenuous. Small liberation trailer is the best use, the choice of trailer according to the local geographical situation to judge.

Fifth, in mountain operations, safety issues are important, in the vertical takeover, we should pay attention to prevent the pipeline down. When the power is connected, check if the outside line is broken.

Sixth, small concrete pump every half a month to add a butter and clean a water tank, gear oil inspection is a must work. The machine's fuel system (oil pump, nozzle) premature wear and tear, mostly due to the daily maintenance of the machine caused by improper; free to check the parts; machine maintenance cycle must be completed by volume, if the work of harsh environments (long Time pumping operations), the maintenance cycle needs to be shortened.