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Why Do You Choose Our Products?

Jul 02, 2018

1. Higher degree of automation

The large mixing plant is computer controlled and can be controlled automatically or manually. The computer monitor in the control room can visually reflect the entire production process and each part of the situation, such as the transportation of aggregates, the discharge of concrete, etc. Once a part fails, it can quickly find and correct errors.

2. High reliability

Large-scale mixing plants are often reinforced with impact-resistant, wear-resistant parts, such as unloading hoppers, and wear-resisting steel plates are used. The joints of annular belts have a long service life.

3. Higher production capacity

On the one hand, the large-scale mixing stations use a large number of types of mixing machines and batching machines, which can greatly increase the production capacity and fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient production capacity. On the other hand, the increase in production capacity can enable users to complete more tasks, thus accounts for more concrete market share.