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Why Is The Car Pump So Hot

Feb 28, 2017

Car-mounted mixing pump can quickly and from time to time in different locations, greatly improving the efficiency of the use of equipment, its good performance to cope with complex road conditions and remote areas of construction. Economical and practical, cost-effective.

Which force Connaught V8 car pump to take 500 compulsory double-horizontal mixer with pumping function, and add the car chassis, the transition is more convenient; another distribution generator, diesel and electricity dual-use construction anytime, anywhere, no longer affected by rural power influences. Chassis using heavy truck trump card four emission standards, the vehicle can be on the card, the whole height, length and the whole structure and product quality to achieve export standards!

With the increase in the amount of new rural projects in the future, the convenience of transport of automotive pumps will be more and more popular, combined with the advantages of trailer and concrete pump, car pump will be the future trend of new rural concrete projects.