200ton/H Mobile Sub Base Mixing Plant For Road Construction

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Product Details
Model   NO.: YWBS200Mixer Type:   Double Planetary Mixer
Working: High Speed MixerApplication:   Liquid with Suspended Solids, Liquid
Application Area: Engineering & ConstructionLayout   Type: Horizontal
Mixing Drum Shape: DrumAdditional   Capabilities: Granulating
Operating type: Continuous OperatingCondition:   New
Performance: SteadyColor:   as Per Required
Experience: 35yearsShape:   Drum Mixer
Mixing Method: Continuous DrumExport   Markets: Global
Moving Type: MobileAggregate   Weighing: by Weight
PLC: Omron or SiemensWater   and Cement: Separate Accurate Scale
Trademark: XDESpecification:   SGS
Origin: ChinaHS   Code: 84743100

Stabilized Soil Mixing Station

Stabilized soil mixing station is used to produce stabilized soil, which has played a key role in road engineering. Also, it is suitable for construction of base stabilized soil, such as, high class road, urban road, square and airport. What’s more, stabilized soil mixing station can continuously mix different grades finished stabilized soil of lime industrial waste stabilized gravel, cement stabilized soil and industrial waste soil. So, what is stabilized soil? Stabilized soil is a mixture of cement, lime and fly ash, etc. If you have high quality requirement for your road construction, you’d better use stabilized soil as the roadbed.

Stabilized soil mixing station is a unit of machines including cement tank, metering conveyor and mixing equipment. And there are two types stabilized soil mixing station: mobile type and stable type. Each product bin of mobile stabilized soil mixing station can walk and be dragged because it is with tires, which is flexible and convenient to change the construction sites. For stationary type, it is necessary to lay the foundations with concrete and fix the device on the basis, it has high productivity.

With the development of urban road and highway, the requirement for structure of road and highway is improved, so the quality of stabilized soil has been one of the most important element to measure the quality of the road. Thus, a stabilized soil mixing station with excellent performance and high working efficiency is very essential. Our company has many types stabilized soil mixing station for your selection, the following content is a detailed introduction about it.

Stabilized soil mixing station mainly has 8 systems.
1. Aggregate batching machine
Aggregate batching machine is composed of hopper bin, rack, belt conveyor, skirt belt conveyor, motorized pulley, roller, bearing, pressure sensor, griddle and vibrator.

2. Raw material belt conveyor
Raw materials belt conveyor is made up of motorized pulley, conveyor belt, rack, the heavy hammer tensioning device, top roller, lower supporting roller, bearing, cleaning device.

3. Cement silo
Cement silo is composed of stand, slag plate valve, water dust removal device, ladder, handrail, cylindrical silo.

4. Screw conveyor
Screw conveyor consists of frequency conversion speed control screw conveyor and the secondary measuring screw conveyor.

5. Mixer
Mixing console consists of dual-axial compulsory concrete mixer, electrical machine, bearing, cylindrical gear reducer, hand operated oil pump, top cover of the mixer, host framework, mixing blades, ladder, handrail, immersible pump.

6. Finished product belt conveyor
Finished product belt conveyor includes motorized pulley, conveyor belt, rack, bearing, top roller, lower supporting roller.

7. Finished product bin
Finished product bin is made up of rack, hopper, ladder, handrail and pneumatic door.

8. Control room
Control room includes main frame, air conditioner and illumination, etc. It can achieve full automatic control. And full automatic control system consists of programmable logic controller, industrial microcomputer, printer, operating console, power control cabinet, transducer and major electrical components.

Working principle
The materials mainly are cement, sand and soil. All sorts of aggregates, such as cement, gravel, soil grain and fly ash are sent to the aggregates batching machine by the wheel loader. What’s more, on the batching machine is griddle, it can filter large particle size aggregate and improve the mixing quality. And then through the raw material belt conveyor, the aggregates will be conveyed to the collecting belt conveyor.

Meanwhile, stabilizer, powders of cement, fly ash and so on will be delivered through various channels to powder storage bin, and then send them to the weighing hopper through screw conveyor, discharge the aggregates to the collecting belt conveyor.

After that, send the aggregates to the mixer and after the mixing process, discharge the finished products to the finished product bin through the finished product belt conveyor. So, the whole working process has been accomplished. And can transport the stabilized soil to the construction site timely.

Features and advantages
Stabilized soil mixing station has characteristics of high batching accuracy and even mixing. Stabilized soil particles can greatly meet construction requirements. And there are single machine manual control and multiple machine linkage control.

1. Good mixing quality and high working efficiency;
2. Reliable performance and low rate of fault;
3. Easy and safe operation;
4. Low energy consumption and environmental protection.

1. It is a necessity to have a overall check for some important devices before the operation, such as, have a no-load check for the belt conveyor, you should clean out sundries and attached cement. Besides, check the screws in the each part are tight or not;

2. If you find that the transmission belt is off tracking, should adjust the position of the belt and then start to produce. Meanwhile, the flexibility of each part of the transmission device is very important;

3. For lubrication, after operational application for more than half a year, it is necessary to have a lubricating oil addition and replacement to ensure the normal lubricating effect and make sure that the production efficiency of the equipment will not be reduced by lubrication.

Main Technical paraments

TypeTwin horizontal shaft serial mixer
Hopper Capacity(m3)3×43×63×8
Grain size(mm)≤60
Weighing Accuracy(%)Aggregate±2.5,Cement±1.5,Water±1
charge Height (m)m3.94.054.25
Discharge Height (m)
Trailed speed(km/h)15
Power(kW )95105120
1. The total power does not include the power of screw conveyor
2, All above specifications are subject to alteration without notice

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