Stabilization Soil Mixing Plant

Stabilization soil mixing plant Products Description: WBS300, WBS400, WBS500, WBS600 Stabilized soil mixing plant WBS series of Stabilized soil mixing plant is for continuously producing road bed stable layer material. It is mainly used in the construction of base layer of high-way, urban road,...

Product Details
Model NO.: WBS500Mixer Type: Powder Mixer
Application: Liquid with Suspended Solids, LiquidCertification: ISO
Application Area: Engineering &   ConstructionLayout Type: Horizontal
Mixing Drum Shape: Twin ShaftAdditional Capabilities: Drying
Operating type: Continuous OperatingCondition: New
Performance: SteadyExperience: 35years
Color: as Per RequiredShape: Drum Mixer
Mixing Method: Continuous DrumExport Markets: Global
Moving Type: StationaryAggregate Weighing: by Weight
PLC: Omron or SiemensWater and Cement: Separate Accurate Scale
Trademark: XDESpecification: SGS
Origin: ChinaHS Code: 84743100

Stabilization soil mixing plant Products Description:

Mobile stabilized soil mixing plant is a new type of stabilized soil production equipment, and it is often based on a trailer unit, which can easily realize the aggregate feeding, weighting, conveying, mixing, lifting and storage in a short time. Mobile stabilized soil mixing plant is generally composed by material feeding system, water supply system, mixing system, electric control system and finished storage silo. Comparing with traditional stabilized soil production methods, our mobile stabilized soil mix plant can largely improve production quality and efficiency, which can be transferred from sites to sites easily and conveniently. After stopping, mobile soil stabilization equipment can be put into practice immediately, which can satisfy the production requirements of large plaza projects, municipal engineering and mining roads etc.

After absorbing world advanced production technique, our mobile stabilized soil mixing plant has stronger mixing power and less blade abrasion. Convenient and accurate electric control system can improve the feeding accuracy to a great extent. Up to now, our products have taken a certain market occupancy all over the world. Mobile stabilized soil mixing plant for sale overcomes the problems of hard site transition, which saves lots of transition time, labor and costs.

WBS300, WBS400, WBS500, WBS600 Stabilized soil mixing plant  WBS series of Stabilized soil mixing plant is for continuously producing road bed stable layer material. It is mainly used in the construction of base layer of high-way, urban road, airport, seaport, and producing the gray soil layer and mixing the compactable concrete, adopts the advanced industrial computer to control and program, which can weigh different material separately and is of auto-adjustable and stable performance. Also it can simulate the production visibly and dynamically, operate and maintain easily, applying to the construction of big project, such as the construction of expressways, railways, urban streets, airports and ports, and the mixing of compressible concrete and the processing of gray soil. Controlled by IPC, the facilities offer separate weighing and automatic adjustments with precision, stability and display of dynamic simulated production process. Owing to their applicability, scientific structure and convenience in maintaining, the facilities are desirable for the construction of large scale.

1 Aggregate and Proportioning Conveying System:

1.Stable performance sensor: weighing unit is equipped with high sensible stainless steel outside-in sensor. Compared with traditional hinge- pull sensor, it is more stable and the signal of it is more stable with lower failure rate.
2.Accurate batching scale: The batching scale is equipped with rear-drive and it is more accurate, compared with front-drive. The working face on the belt is loose selvage, which reduce the influence the belt tension has on the weighing transducer, ensuring the weighing signal is more stable.
3.Flexible and accurate compensation way: belt weighing unit consisting of frequency speed adjustment and a dediaed optical encoder tachometer and flexible and accurate measuring compensation way are applied, whose measuring compensation is more timely and flexible, compared with the performance of conventional slipping speed regulating volume measurement. Accurate compensation makes the aggregate batching is more precise. And the trouble diagnosis alarm on ready can maintain the safe and continuous production of the entire equipment.
4.More practical conveying belt: Brush belt is used , avoiding the influence the guard board have on weighing transducer, ensuring the data of transducer is more real and efficient as well as the calculation and measurement is more precise.
5.Professional qualifiaion authentiaion: belt weighing transducer technology qualifiaion issued by bureau of technical supervision has been gained.
6.More Selectable Configuration: For the material with a large amount of mud, the material batching station with arc breaking device is provided to the customers, to ensure smooth material distribution and meet production requirements, also to ensure the quality of the finished products.

2 Cement Measuring System:

Green and stable modified-frequency spiral calculation and measurement system: the cement batching system adopts modified frequency spiral calculation and measurement system with national pattern technology. The whole process is closed without pollution and waste. The environment protection performance is better. Meanwhile, precision error can be controlled within ±1%, ensuring stability and accuracy of the measurement.

3 Water Measuring System:

Electromagnetic flow-meter electric regulating metering model has been used, which can be controlled and operated remotely. That is, the operator do not have to run between the control room and host as well as finish the setting and adjustment of water, providing the users with great convenience. Meanwhile, the electromagnetic flow-meter is accurate, quick to response, better ensuring the quality of mixture.

4 Mixing Host:

The original mandatory lining-absence technology is used. When the material is boiling, interpenetrates and move forward outlet, reducing faults like blade wearing, stuck material, blade scuffing, and the problem to replace the lining. The design of two -outlet makes it easy to clean. The blade material of high strength and high wear resistance significantly extends the lifetime of host.
1. Lining-absence technology largely increases the wear resistance of mixing agitator tank and maximizes the lifetime of the host.
2. Mixing-agitator tank is 1/4-1/3 longer than similar products, ensuring the uniformity and quality of the material.
3. Insert mixing arm is more easy to replace. Meanwhile, the mixing section is bigger, rising productivity by 10-20%.
4. reducer is equipped with axle-reducer. Compared with spur-gear reducer, it can reduce vibration, ensuring the mixing engine is more stable and reliable. Meantime, the trouble rate is lowered, ensuring the performance of the equipment.
5.Mixer engine shaft end bearing is outside which is not only easy to inspect and maintain, but also avoid tank mud and protect the bearing effectively and significantly raise its stability and life time.
6.Synchronous gear uses canned lubriaing oil, effectively rising lubriaing efficiency, reducing noise and largely extending the life time of synchronous gear.
SOUTH mixing system uses monocoque structure, with self-equipped outriggers on the mixing host, reducing the installation and making the entire equipment simpler and more flexible, easy for installation and removal. Mixer cover is provided with a safety switch to ensure the personal safety of maintenance staff. At the same time, the good maintenance platform and safety facilities are designed on both sides of the mixing tank, reflecting the humanization of operational requirements.

5 Finished Product Conveying Structure:

Flat belt is used to convey material by SOUTH. Compared with trough-type belt, it took a larger floor space but avoid leakage and belting, which can keep the space clean and meet the environment protection standard. And it is convenient to inspect and repair with a lower fault rate.

6 Electric Control System:

1.Process on the operating platform is clean and humanized. It is easy to operate.
2.The international famous brand PLC main controller is used, which is reliable. Human-machine interface is equipped with touch-screen developed by MITSUBISHI and industry-controlled computer. It is both feasible to operate on computer and touch-screen, ensuring the reliability and convenience of the system.
3.The international famous brand frequency is used, ensuring the reliability of the system.
4.The system is equipped with trouble self-diagnosis function. The computer will warm for the corresponding trouble when trouble happens, which is good for trouble shooting.
5. The production process can be simulated on computer, which reflect the real production process and the operation isn’t boring anymore. 
6.Production formula can be stored on the computer, which is convenient to add, delete, revise, print and set formula.
7. Production logs can be stored on the computer with production report such as production details and production statistics, providing strong support for management, scheduling and monitoring.
8. Mix proportion and other relevant inform can be seen on the computer, which is beneficial for the operation and usage of equipment as well as trouble shooting.
9. The fully closed control house with air conditioner presents a broader view, provides the operator with comfortable working condition and reduces labor intensity.

WBS series stabilized soil mixing plant 
Main Technical paraments 

Cement Hopper5m35m37.5m37.5m3
Product Hopper6.5m37m37.5m37.5m3
AG Size

Batching No.3-53-53-53-5


Total Power (kw)95105125166
Discharge Height (m)>3.8>3.8>3.8>3.8

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